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Globally scalable, sustainably sourced and formulated in matching complete set, including a curated selection of highly sought-after luxury & lifestyle Brands -

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Active Potion - silver.png
Active Potion Logo R_edited.png

The Active Pursuit

of Total Wellness

The latest evolution of an ancient practice, utilising the natural healing properties of botanicals to enhance wellness. Step into the world of ActivePotion® and take the first step in your journey to total wellness

Balance Nutrient.png
Balance Nutrient Logo R.png

Sensory Relaxation for

Your Mind and Spirit

Carefully blended with the powerful essential oil, Balance Nutrient provides transformative effects and takes you on a sensory journey to enhance your wellbeing

BergaFonte White.png

An Italian Masterpiece

Inspired by a rich heritage of art and history, be enchanted by beautiful Bergamo, the breathtaking character carefully encapsulated through BergaFonte:  the charm of a city surrounded by centuries of history and thriving cultural life

British Blossom.png

The Quintessence of

Fine British Gardens

Celebrating the love of heritage gardens and the therapeutic qualities of classic floral fragrances, British Bloom believes in bringing out delicate garden scents through contemporary skincare formulations, lavishly enriched to enhance and nourish your skin

Citron Fresh Logo R - White.png

Replace Stress with

Citron Fresh

Inspired by the abundance and goodness of the citron fruit, Citron Fresh was created with a passion to deliver an extraordinary sensory experience. Allow the carefully selected ingredients to delight your hair and skin with zesty aromas designed to lift your mood

Good Gentle Green - White.png

Good Gentle Green

Capture the essence of thoughtful simplicity with Good Gentle Green, formulated to nourish your skin and delight your senses

VitaminSpa Logo R.png

Good For You and

Those Around You

Vitamin-infused formulation to provide a soothing, nourishing & indulgent experience for the modern, healthy individual. Vitaminspa® is built around the love of nature, commitment to quality and care towards the environment. Feel the soothing and rejuvenating moments to give you the ultimate wellness experience

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