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An Italian Masterpiece

Inspired by the city of rare beauty, Bergamo, an Italian city northeast of Milan well-known for its vast treasures and enchanting medieval atmosphere.

It is a real life tale of two cities: Citta Alta, the upper city perched on a hill, surrounded by the famous Venetian walls, and Citta Bassa, the lower city, a fantastic town for art lovers. Be enchanted by beautiful Bergamo, with its breathtaking scenery filled with many magnificent historical buildings, artefacts and sights. Bergamo encapsulates the charm of a city surrounded by both centuries of history and a thriving modern cultural life.


Bergafonte is a plant-based, nature-inspired skincare range created to deliver viable results with its safe formulation. Infused with the essential oil from the bergamot fruit and Vitamin C, it heals, soothes and restores the natural radiance and wellness of skin. The unique and refreshing scent relieves anxiety and stress, an immense treasure for modern skincare.

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Hotel Collection

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