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Our Difference

How GUAVA enables the world's largest hospitality chains, airlines and cruise lines scale sustainable impact through Ecosystem Management

Light and Shadow

We live in a world full of uncertainties

Climate change with mounting waste crisis


Social and political unrest

Supply chain disruptions


Impacting businesses financially, operationally and socially

Business for Good

At GUAVA, we believe in business as a force for good

This is why we pioneered an Ecosystem Business Model,

a driving force for long term sustainable value creation,

creating growth and impact in the hospitality and travel industry

Image by Timon Jenny

Our Ecosystem Business Model

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Our Ecosystem Business Model
6 Key Pillars

How We Value-Add

Our unique Business Model is anchored in 6 key pillars


Financial Growth

We put in place financially sound solutions that help you to increase profits by embracing sustainability at scale

Decentralised Supply Chain

We work with a network of strategic partners and manufacturers around the world, allowing us to distribute directly to you, without any intermediaries, creating a more resilient supply chain

Image by Chase Clark


We focus on creating real and tangible impact by 

co-creating innovative award-winning solutions that drive social and environmental impact aligned to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals

Long-Term Orientation

We are invested for the long-term, looking beyond immediate profits, creating and growing shared values for all stakeholders in our ecosystem

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Creating Synergies

We collaborate with our partners in orchestrating global resources to create synergy and competitive edge that further differentiate us above the rest

Embracing Change

We embrace change and continue to disrupt ourselves by continuing to collaborate and innovate towards Creating Scalable Sustainable Impact, Together

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