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Who We Are

Our Vision, Purpose, Mission and Values

Our Vision

To make socially conscious consumable solutions 

accessible to everyone, everywhere;

through continuous innovation and 

creating shared opportunities for growth and success 


Our Purpose

Creating Scalable Sustainable Impact, Together


Our Mission

GUAVA believes in leaving the world a better place by creating well-designed, innovative consumable solutions that transform everyday experiences,

while positively impacting disadvantaged communities and the environment

Our Values

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Integrity with Initiative

Upholding integrity,

taking pride in conducting our business ethically and being proactive to anticipate the things

that matter to our clients

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Innovation for Impact

Always progressing and looking at ways to do things better, faster, more effective and efficient, aimed at bringing about a positive betterment for all stakeholders

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Every team member and stakeholder matters, and no task is too menial even for the most senior member of the team

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