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Global Sustainable Experience

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Collective Actions

Collective Innovations

Collective Solutions

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I'm releasing my series of sky gradients photography_edited.jpg
I'm releasing my series of sky gradients photography_edited.jpg

Global Sustainable Experience is the first global initiative to catalyse collective actions, innovations and solutions to accelerate climate action and circular economy of plastics in Tourism. From day one, GUAVA is the only solution provider globally to be part of United Nations' Glasgow Declaration Climate Action In Tourism and Global Tourism Plastic Initiative.

Pillars of Global Sustainable Experience

Accelerating climate action

The Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism presents a unified framework for tourism stakeholders to accelerate climate action and contribute to the achievement of the goals set in the Paris Agreement 2015.

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Building a circular economy of plastics

The Global Tourism Plastics Initiative unites the tourism sector behind a common vision to address the

root causes of plastic pollution.

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Principles of Global Sustainable Experience

Leaving no one behind


Global Sustainable Experience seeks to form an inclusive community of action where like-minded organizations and individuals are invited to join and contribute depending on their ambitions and readiness.  Global Sustainable Experience offers opportunities to collaborate and make a real difference regardless of one's sustainability maturity.

Systemic and catalytic transformation in high impact sectors or systems: promoting transformative outcomes

Advancing transformative outcomes is integral to our mission. Within the tourism programme, we are actively witnessing this transformation unfold through a variety of initiatives. The Glasgow Declaration and Global Tourism Plastic Initiative serve as prime examples of how concerted efforts are driving sustainable change within the tourism sector. These initiatives are pivotal in fostering resilience and sustainability, ensuring a brighter future for our planet and communities.

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Strategic Business Advantages


Developed in collaboration with experts from the United Nations, academia, governments, civil society, and the private sector.


An integrated and harmonious experience across all Tourism touchpoints, leveraging on our global manufacturing, distribution and recycling network.


Unveiling of an array of enhanced sustainable features, advantages, and collaborative partnerships over time in alignment with United Nations global initiatives and timelines.

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Strategic Interventions To Accelerate Systems Change

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Bringing together global leaders and local champions from across industries to bring about a systemic change throughout the entire value chain and supply chain, upstream and downstream, beyond products, beyond geographic boundaries and beyond the conventional

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Collective Innovations

Creating innovative ways for public and private sector to work together collaboratively by focusing on the creation of Shared Value - a framework for creating economic value, growth and enduring competitive advantage by simultaneously addressing societal needs and challenges

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Collective Solutions

Developing globally scalable and locally accessible solutions that can be rapidly deployed and replicated around the world, including in

the Global South, by ensuring the availability of solutions for the different segments of the market, from luxury to standard needs


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Global Sustainable Experience also supports nature positive approach to tourism

in alignment with the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF),

the UN’s Biodiversity Plan, focusing to halt and reverse biodiversity loss by 2030.

These include integrating biodiversity safeguards, reducing carbon emissions, mitigating

the impact of pollution, curtailing the unsustainable use of resources, protecting and restoring nature and wildlife. 

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I'm releasing my series of sky gradients photography_edited.jpg

Drive Growth, Demonstrate Leadership and Scale Your Impact by Joining

Our Community in Creating Scalable Sustainable Impact, Together

We welcome individuals and organisations in Asia-Pacific, Middle East, Europe, America,

Africa and Australia from the following fields to join our global community of action

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Hospitality, Airlines & Cruise Lines


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