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The First Choice

in Guest Amenities

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Branded Amenities

GUAVA is the preferred partner of luxury brands, bath and body products, haircare, skincare,

perfumery as well as lifestyle brands.


Contact us for more information and one of our account managers will be in touch with you to identify suitable brands to complement

your hospitality brand(s) or property.

This arrangement is only available for selected properties that meet the strict requirements of our exclusive brand owners.


Bespoke Amenities

An exclusive brand or collection can be created to match your hospitality brand’s personality, goals and requirements.


This is yet another option we offer to hospitality chains that wish to be distinguished from others. The process begins by uncovering hidden gems of opportunities within your brand story and experience that our Creative Team will mine and transform into relevant solutions to delight, surprise and exceed your guests’ expectations.

Co-Branded Amenities

Another option to distinguish your amenities collection through personalization with the element(s) of your brand on your

selected branded amenities collection.


This arrangement is available on a selection of brands

and subject to brand owner’s approval.

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