Success Stories

Learn from case studies on how GUAVA has helped our partners succeed.

One of Asia’s fastest-growing hospitality group realized the importance of putting in place a strong Brand Standard to support their Brand Experience. The client's initial request was only to develop a basic amenities range with their corporate logo.


GUAVA Solution: On top of fulfilling the client’s initial request, GUAVA also consulted with the client and value-added by recommending options to partner with retail brands that would complement the client’s brand story.


Client was impressed and shortlisted three retail brands. Eventually, the client selected one that best fit their brand experience. GUAVA went further by convincing the

retail brand about the potential opportunity of this partnership

and established a win-win partnership between

the client and the retail brand.

Final Piece to a Compelling Brand Story



A well-established FMCG brand with a strong retail presence had tried to break into the hospitality industry using direct marketing for several years. However, the brand had faced several obstacles as it was unfamiliar with the hospitality industry. A few of GUAVA’s clients identified a potential collaboration with this brand and referred the brand to GUAVA. 


GUAVA Solution: Our team began by understanding the needs and aspirations of this potential partner and studied the strength of their brand. After consultation sessions with several potential clients and the brand, GUAVA collaborated with the brand to overcome the various obstacles and bridge the gaps that the brand had previously experienced. Within less than 6 months, the brand made headway into the hospitality industry by leveraging on GUAVA's extensive network of clients.

Gateway to the Hospitality Industry


A prominent and well established regional hospitality chain conducted an in-depth evaluation of their portfolio of brands and realized the existing program did not reflect the philosophy behind each of their brands. This resulted in inconsistencies in their brand message. They also struggled with brand standard compliance, especially for their properties situated in emerging markets.


GUAVA Solution: GUAVA began by carefully studying each individual hotel brand within the client’s portfolio, followed by identifying and mapping various potential brands for their consideration.  A total of 27 retail brands were initially reviewed whereby 12 brands were shortlisted and presented for selection. Following intensive discussions over the course of 5 months, the project committee eventually selected 2 brands from

GUAVA portfolio to complement their individual hospitality brand. In addition, GUAVA went beyond the hospitality chain expectation by putting in place a comprehensive full-spectrum cost-effective solution that improves profitability and streamlines the entire amenities program to increase productivity and compliance to brand standard.

Triple Improvements in 

Hospitality Chain Operations


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