Enhancing Guest Experience With
Holistic Guest Amenities

Our Offerings

Today travellers have higher expectations towards the guest amenities that are provided during their travel.

They crave for authentic experience complemented with amenities that resonate with their sense of individuality 

and begin moving away from conventional design towards something more curated.


To help you create an authentic experience, GUAVA provides you with Holistic Guest Amenities that best fit your hospitality brand(s)



We provide solutions that

ideally complement your

brand personality



We provide Branded Amenities with high perceived value

that will delight your guests



We provide financially,

operationally and environmentally

sustainable options for your business

Our comprehensive guest amenities program offers you the opportunity

to optimize your guest experience at every guest touchpoints

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Liquid Amenities Programs


Branded, Bespoke and Co-Branded Guest Amenities

in various sustainable packaging including;

bottles, tubes and bulk options

Bulk Dispensing Systems

Practical, durable and tamper-proof systems,

tested and approved by world leading hospitality chains

with options of either wall mounted or free-standing,

refillable or non-refillable

Complementary Accessories, Gifts and

Retail Opportunities

Matching dry amenities, public area solutions,

gift items for various occasions and

retail partnership opportunities

“Beauty is about finding the right fit, the most natural fit”

Rick Riordan, New York Times bestselling author