Wealth Of Knowledge
Empowering Change

Our Expertise


GUAVA is a professional team backed by more than 100 years of cumulative industry

and related field experience in major MNCs, Fortune 500 companies, as well as government agencies.


Capitalising on accumulated knowledge in the various fields, our team collectively analyses current trends

and key drivers that shape the industry in order to offer pragmatic, productive and proactive solutions

that best satisfy our clients’ goals, while at the same time ensuring the sustainability of these solutions.


GUAVA integrates tangible objectives, operational excellence and the power of collaborations to help

our clients overcome challenges and empower them to succeed. We always align our interest with that of our clients, partners, and stakeholders to ensure sustainable growth and impact.

Productivity Gain, Higher Profitability and Consistent Brand Standard to overcome increasing hospitality challenges.

Tangible Objectives

Operational Excellence

Being the trusted partner of many leading hospitality groups, independent hotels, resorts and boutique properties, we continuously innovate and strive to improve our capabilities in supporting superior hospitality productivity and profitability.

360° Solutions

GUAVA has developed 360° Solutions to help you identify critical gaps in your 

brand experience, uncover hidden opportunities and formulate targeted solutions 

that would best fit your situation.

Success Stories

Learn from case studies on how GUAVA has helped our clients and partners succeed.

" Confidence is not self proclaimed but must be earned with experience."

Chinese Wisdom