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Driving Sustainable Growth with

GUAVA Net-Zero Ecosystem 

As demand for our sustainable solutions continue growing, we received more and more partnership enquiries from multinationals to startups that are keen to co-create, scale and amplify their impact

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Be Our Partner in Creating Scalable Sustainable Impact, Together

We welcome contact from organizations that are interested in opportunities iAsia-Pacific, the Middle East and/or Europe, from the following fields:

  • Luxury and Lifestyle Brands

  • Supply chains, Logistics

  • Sustainable packaging raw materials, converters (including plastic)

  • Personal care raw materials, OEM, ODM (including soap dispensers)

  • Environmental and Social Impact (including recycling)

  • Education, Knowledge and Training

If you would like to get in touch with our Strategic Partnership Team, you may click the below link with (i) an introduction of your organization, (ii) why you are keen to partner with us(iii) what you offer and how you would potentially value-add. 

Abstract Pathway

Our Approach to Deliver Long Term, Profitable and Sustainable Value Creation

Driven by the latest technologies and innovations, the GUAVA Net-Zero Ecosystem is supported by global network of more than 100 best in class partners.

We work alongside governments, intragovernmental organizations,

non-governmental organizations, luxury and lifestyle brands, manufacturers, supply chains, logistics, and talents that support world's leading Brands.

We believe in providing a platform for our partners to together transform the future of hospitality and travel.  We do this by curating, connecting and co-creating together with our network of strategic partners, towards long term, profitable and sustainable value creation for our stakeholders.

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Curating like-minded partners that share similar values and believe in business as a force for good



Connecting partners to global and regional demand, driving sustainable growth



Co-creating innovative solutions that enable higher profitability and sustainability

I'm releasing my series of sky gradients photography_edited.jpg

 Get in touch to find out how you can be part of

the GUAVA Net-Zero Ecosystem

Luxury, Lifestyle Brands

Luxury Valet Service

Supply Chains, Logistics


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