Accessories, Gifts and

Retail Opportunities

Holistic Guest Experience

A holistic guest experience demands comprehensive solutions for each and every guest touchpoint.

Complement your in-room amenities presentation with selections of matching sustainable dry amenities and accessories.

For your public areas, we offer selections of public area solutions such as hygiene products, scenting and the likes.

For special guests, you also have access to a wide range of matching gifts for turn down, festive occasions and corporate giftings.



Joint Marketing Activities


As interactions with guests begin even before they arrive, we believe in providing you with options to impress them at every single interaction, both online and offline. These include joint marketing efforts such as social media marketing, PR as well as marketing support for various guests engagements.



Retail Opportunities


Enhance your guest experience with online or offline retail partnerships that boost guest perception while also providing you with a sustainable avenue to minimize your amenities costs.