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Creating Globally Consistent and Elevated Experience

for a Leading International Hospitality Chain

MAY 05, 2024


By Gabriel Tan - Global SDG Pioneer for Circular Economy


Image by Marcel Strauß

Key Takeaways:

GUAVA enables a leading international hotel chain to significantly benefit from streamlining their Branded Amenities Program supported by our global manufacturing and distribution network.

  • Elevated Globally Consistent Experience: Introducing globally consistent Branded Amenities program that complement each of their brand experience

  • Ensuring Local Access and Better Alignment with Owners: Implementing sustainable amenities program that are locally accessible with local support team and superior benefits provides superior value add to owners in being part of the chain

  • Credible Sustainability Storytelling: Sharing authentic stories of sustainability efforts through Branded Amenities partnership that creates ongoing engagement with guests and other stakeholders




Client Overview

The client is a prominent global hospitality chain with hotels in various countries around the world. Before partnering with us, they faced challenges in maintaining a consistent guest experience across their diverse properties. This was due to working with different suppliers for different regions, resulting in difficulty ensuring consistency in product quality and standards. Additionally, the products were unbranded and lacked a premium appearance, affecting the perception of their hotel brands.


  • Inconsistent Brand Experience: Different suppliers in each country led to variations in product quality and consistency across properties.

  • Local Inaccessibility: Difficulty in ensuring that products were locally accessible and affordable, impacting the efficiency of the supply chain.

  • Unbranded Products: Lack of branded amenities and ancillary products made it difficult for the hospitality group to present a cohesive, premium image.




















Our Solution


After assessing the client's challenges, we implemented a strategic partnership to offer a comprehensive, globally consistent brand standard for their properties. Key aspects of our solution included:

Branded Amenities Program: We curated a tailored amenities program for each hotel brand, offering high-quality branded products that enhanced the guest experience and reinforced the brand identity.


Sustainable Upgrades: We introduced sustainable products with lower carbon footprints, aligning with the hospitality group's commitment to environmental responsibility.


Consistency and Accessibility: Our global network of suppliers allowed us to provide consistent products across all properties while ensuring local accessibility and affordability.


Ancillary Products: Our partnership expanded to include a comprehensive range of ancillary products, further elevating the guest experience.


Sustainability Storytelling: We offered data-driven impact certification and storytelling to highlight the sustainability efforts of the hospitality chain, enhancing their reputation and customer trust.
























Improved Guest Experience: The branded amenities program and ancillary products elevated the overall guest experience across all properties.


Enhanced Brand Image: Consistent, high-quality products and credible sustainability initiatives helped reinforce the premium image of their hotel brands.

Better Value and Alignment with Owners: Premium experience with superior solutions cemented the trust of owners and create additional value add in being part of the chain.


Streamlined Supply Chain: By providing local accessibility and affordability, we improved the efficiency of their supply chain and operations.


Sustainability Recognition: The data and impact certification helped the hospitality group showcase its sustainability efforts, gaining recognition and trust from environmentally conscious customers.





















Our partnership with the global hospitality group resulted in a successful transformation of their brand standards, product quality, and sustainability practices. By offering a comprehensive solution that addressed their unique challenges, we were able to elevate their guest experience, streamline their supply chain, and enhance their reputation as a leader in sustainability.






If you would like to learn more about any of the topics discussed above, please do not hesitate to contact our experts. Our team is ready to assist you and provide further insights. We are dedicated to helping your hotel stay ahead and achieve better performance through credible and sustainable practices.

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Consistent, high-quality products and credible sustainability initiatives helped reinforce the premium image of their hotel brands

success hoteliers_edited.jpg

GUAVA branded amenities program and ancillary products elevated the overall guest experience across all their properties



Gabriel Tan

Global SDG Pioneer for Circular Economy

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