360° Solutions

GUAVA has developed 360° Solutions to help you identify critical gaps in your brand experience,

uncover hidden opportunities and formulate targeted solutions that would best fit your situation.

Listening Attitude


We approach each project with an appreciation of the unique needs of each client and therefore we always begin by helping clients uncover their real needs and aspirations before customizing the best solutions for them.

Value Add Partnership


We go beyond just meeting clients’ needs and aspirations. Leveraging on our extensive network and expertise in the industry, we explore avenues that can potentially value add to our clients.

Integrated Package


We understand that providing an integrated solution is so much more than just mere products. It involves people, service, packaging, order management, delivery options and many other aspects. Our clients enjoy peace of mind knowing that we always ensure that every relevant aspect of their needs and concerns are adequately addressed.

Long Term Focus


We are committed to doing our best and this means doing everything we can to help our clients. Often this translates to increased complexity, longer time or higher costs which we willingly undertake to demonstrate our willingness to go the extra mile for our clients.

Reliable Assurance


We plan systematically and ensure that we always deliver on our promise. We constantly update and communicate with our clients so that they can rely on us to meet their needs.

Service Excellence


We value our clients and encourage feedback from them in our efforts to continuously step up to deliver better solutions and outperform ourselves each time.


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